How Andhra was fooled and is being mocked upon!!!

How Andhra was fooled and is being mocked upon!!!
UPAII successfully managed to mislead and exploit the innocence of the people of Andhra and has managed to put a decently governed and modern state into political turmoil of herculean proportions!!!
The biggest joke of regional disparity in growth and development to be the reason for assigning a separate state can’t be more farther away than the truth.
The facts are rather quite different. This divisive politics anyways is of any botheration for the UPAII as it had already lost its popular mandate after back stabbing loyalists of the Late Chief Minster YSR.
This is another agenda to project Hyderabad not as a stable and modern IT hub but rather a politically unstable city thereby ensuring that all future International IT projects and investments go to Bangalore. (Where the newly formed Congress government can take credit of attracting foreign investments and resurrecting the otherwise faltering IT and ITES sector in the city).
With a vision for development and growth leading Industrialists’ and Governments under Chandra Babu and then YSR have pumped in millions of Rupees under various initiatives with an idea to bring on groth with a unfailing vision for a modern and self-sustaining Andhra by 2050……albeit lot of loans and borrowing have also gone into the same…..a divisive state will lead to such a huge burden of outstanding loans that if the state is indeed bifurcated, the new entities will be overnight bankrupt and completely a financial disaster…..
Water Resources, Electricity and Road and Infrastructure , Healthcare are still reaching places and people where it is needed a divide state will further jeopardize the entire machinery and will undo all that was done in the last 60 years!
Coastal Andhra reels under floods and Cyclone’s every year with a mathematical accuracy and so does the Telangana Region experience Arid and semi-arid conditions with these pressing environmental disparities… is only a fool who can think of diving a state….on this UPA II can certainly not play GOD and change the climate……. Division of the State will bring in disastrous consequences…on the environmental front.
Even Business and Tollywood will suffer the consequences to an unimaginable level with lobby groups beginning to favour people native of both region and cross taxation and more red tape will hinder flow of creativity and talent and in the long run shortchange the economic and creative prosperity of the region.
UPAII has ruined the North of India by advocating caste and religion based politics all along and it is no wonder they have now moved in repeating the same sickening “political fox maneuver” to ensure that even if they don’t Win no one else will!!!

It is politics of the dirtiest levels…..I still don’t understand how people who don’t’ understand the Telugu Culture, Languare, the People the Place the food want to sit in their Ac room’s and divide he State just because they have the numbers(or they think they have).
Using threat and arm twisting techniques’…on peoples’ representatives’ (MLAs and MLCs and MPS of Andhra)
This is neither the day that we should be seeing nor what The Iron Man of India- Sardar Patel who unified the State by annexing it from the Nizam would have approved of. Sardar Patel selflessly served the nation and worked tirelessly in unifying the Nation by bring in over 494 Principalities small and large and Knitting the Fabric of India…..which UPA II has been undoing knot by knot least for the Nation’s wellbeing but largely for its selfish gains!
May Andhra continue to stay one state…..It’s Culture, Food, Dialects, Customs ….everything so rightly melts into one pot…..that of an Unified Andhra served by the ever flowing waters of Krishna and Godavari….. Time for all leaders and representatives in the state to come under one banner and show the door to the architects who created this mischief of International proportions…
This is certainly not what NTR envisaged for the people of Andhra and had he been alive today….the mere thought of separation would have once again killed him!

Disclaimer: These are my own thoughts and opinions and do not advocate, suggest or intend any action thereof as the fall out of my thoughts…This is purely a reflection of my thoughts on an ongoing political drama and based largely on what I feel and think is right…. This is for the consumption of my friends’ circle and private like-minded people who share the same intellectual passion to reflect on societal happenings…. The article or interpretation thereof need not be quoted and used beyond its context.