About a few things that really matter!


In a world that is increasingly polarized and where information is constantly coming at you- which again needs to be sieved between authentic and agenda driven on the run, times could not have been more worrisome!

As a practitioner of NLP, CBT and Mindfulness; having interacted with a few thousands of individuals across age groups- understanding their drivers and challenges, guess it is time that as a society and as individuals we begin to make a pointed effort to minimize the clutter and go back to the simplified approach to value individuals and societies on what they can contribute to the larger good and whilst doing so mitigate the not-so-good elements around us! Surely easier said than done- but this is the only hope and way ahead for the only planet we have and for the human race as we reach critical threshold figures in terms of resources and population in the next three decades!

The restlessness and insane craze to stay ahead of an imaginary curve (calibrated against people and things who would really not bother about you- the minute you die!) has been always taking its toll through industrialization, but now in this crazy times of senseless content hogging and online addiction reaching hallucinating levels and doing physiological damages beyond normal understanding of clinical practices- it’s anybody’s guess before the shit hits the roof- in this case- having hit the roof- goes beyond into the open skies spraying everyone and anyone around!

The situation across societies in the world is really tense- irrespective of the amazing progress achieved by humans across various fields across different nations (196 I believe!) still the age old grudges gravitating to the cardinal sins seem to hold the upper hand- arguments/conflicts, ideological warfare- either through the medium of governance, religion or pure greed!

Now that I have used up around 300 words trying to present a not so happy picture of our times, in keeping with the societal conformation biases, let me use the next few paragraphs to help you feel better! ( I doubt if that will really help though!)

One way to navigate, these times is “Being rooted into your own authentic self”- this may sound a simple sentence- but do spend time and ponder here. This is the elixir of leading a life which is devoid of all the unwanted drama, nuisance and clutter that the modern age offers us! Answering and trying to re-connect with your self and being able to serve yourself well and in a manner and class that you would be happy to be served by others is another cornerstone in doing away with clutter.

The more away you keep yourself from the unfolding nonsense and melodrama around you, the better it is for maintain your sanity and sensibilities! In case you are also caught up with a task of raising a family, all this becomes exponentially important- because your failure here today screws up the future of the generation ahead!

This article is not a bible to glory and arriving at paradise! This article was to help you take a pause and hold on to the fleeting moment so that you can calibrate your engagements around you and get going with things that really matter and make a fucking difference to your life! Engage with things and people that matter and care and what you in-turn can manage if they too get screwed up!

What can be changed by you and should be changed, should always be done. What impairs your survival should always be responded to in measure and way that mitigates the immediate and medium term risk (as long as you are alive). Because once you are dead- no matter how much you love humanity and how glorified your duties unto society would have been and no matter how many awards you would have got- both while breathing and after being buried- nothing will matter after 300 years and no one will care!

People often speak about creating a legacy- tell me one legacy which has a meaningful impact started by your own family tree! (forget the stories of old war heroes, statesmen, scientists and philosophers- their history is a deadly cocktail of fact and fiction and depending whom you are talking about the proportion changes and messes with your cognitively impoverished and  intellectually under-nourished brain even more!

Things that matter are always manageable and smaller then the demons made out in our brains!  Always remember- what can kill you will always kill you irrespective whether you are intrinsically good or bad and what will help you and empower you will always do whether you choose to be good and use it wisely or whether you choose to be a maverick and fuck up your life even more!

I will leave you with these thoughts for now, grab a pen and a paper and start spending some time in directed and purpose driven thinking and feeling to empower yourself before you become the messiah for the world! Once you take care of yourself individually and as that gets replicated -the world will automatically take care of itself eventually- till then morons rule!

At Simplifylives, we make an earnest effort to reach out to individuals and groups through our talks, seminars and training to bring  about incremental changes, one person at a time and one change at a time to make our world a beautiful place with one moron less each time!

Thank you for your time and stay tuned for the next article. Feel free to write to me at parimal.aluri@simplifylives.com with your encouragement, questions and sensible criticism, also do feel free to suggest any topics that you would want me to discuss over here!