The leadership pandemic.

If you thought or still think, that the virus is the problem, well think about it one more time! Sure enough the Virus does what it does and brings along, all the unpleasantness and unwanted scenarios, but what really allows all of that to manifest and emerge is the quality and quantity of Leadership that you have around you! The story unfolding around us, this very moment is a story of “Leadership Pandemic”- An emerging challenge of sorts which brings us simply back to fundamental spaces of how societies are built, operate and progress! Join me here as we take a look around this space and understand, what really is happening around us and what is that you and I can do or not do in this fluid state! So here we go!

History and even the present times are a testimony to a very powerful reality, which is a simple fact that “The problem rarely is the real problem”, the way we choose to respond to a situation is what either resolves it or ends up complicating it further, making the problem more menacing and complicated to deal with! The current context of the pandemic around the world is perhaps a glaring example of this! So now the real question, why would this happen, or rather why would we allow this to happen? Well the answer to that resides in the whole social space around “expert worship” and “conformation bias” orientation!

Even as the pandemic travelled across the world, taking down one nation after the other, the inherent inertia, ignorance and colossal refusal to act in a timely and decisive manner, failed one nation after the other and what perhaps could have been a managed and controlled health risk, was overnight transferred into a global health emergency. All of this boils down to the simple one question, “who was taking the decisions- For the resulting success or failures are nothing but a manifestation of the wisdom or stupidity of the leader’s mind- the ability to gauge, analyze and think ahead! This is from where the real problem begins and this is the space where the leadership pandemic begins to take shape! With that simple act of taking or not taking a meaningful action!

What really unfolds in a leadership pandemic is that, a problem at hand ends up being more complicated and what could have been easily or with less hardship overcome, tends to just keep getting bigger and bigger with no end in sight! The current spread of the pandemic is a classic example here, sure enough when the menace started everyone was taken by surprise (which as a thought itself, is too good to believe!), so needless to say, we can overlook and say everyone did what they could do best with the limitations and access to resources that they had, but when you see the same problem persists over a longer period of time and returning in a more menacing manner, well then what you need to look at is- what was done or not done in the in-between period of perceived calm and this uptick of the second, third resurgence! It is in the crucial months and days in-between the calm that the fostering of false sense of complacency , the “everything is fine” and the usual self-centred, self-glorifying approaches of establishments have led their societies straight into the path of an even more bigger disaster! So what do we do about this? Well read on!

Sure enough by now, many leaders both public and private are pretty much exposed with regards to their proven ability to deliver and inability to rise to the occasion, this brings us to the vital space that deals with the quality of leadership! The world right now is stocked up with leaders who are accidental at their best and have ended up being where they are simply because they happen to be better then those around them- not necessarily because they bring with them some defining vison or charismatic skill to lead or be a leader! Sure enough, there are a few original and authentic leaders across the political and corporate world, but there are few and far in between; given the kind of mess that humanity has got into- it just goes to exemplify what happens when few wise whispers are overlooked by the noise and chatter of proclaimed experts and leaders! Fair enough, you may argue, but what is that we can do about this?

Well, to begin with no one is asking you to hold a protest or get on to the digital world and express your opinion, emotion and bring about a change- well these may be valuable ways as long as you want to push in some constructive and creative element for a positive way to tackle a problem and bring about the necessary empowering alignment, but the whole point here is, “what is that you are doing about a problem at hand, at an individual level? How are you leading yourself?” Very often when it comes to compelling questions that a society engages or deals with, people tend to perceive those questions to be “they” as in the society versus “me” as in the individual, the fact is that all social challenges , whether global or local start at an individual level and depending on how powerful that individual is and what position and power equation are at that individuals disposition, the challenges will either accelerate, get complex , assume a larger and widespread scale or end up being limited and localised to a pocket withing the community or even perhaps to a few units in the community or just perhaps that individual! This is the foundational bedrock that needs to be visited and addressed if any society wants to being about even an aorta of meaningful and progressive change for a few or the many!

Unlike what gets played out on the TV screens day in and day out, depicting people in important positions as success stories of failures, the whole gamut of meaningful and purpose oriented leadership begins with each individual. Unless each one of us doesn’t take responsibility of who we are and what we do, it becomes impossible to check the quality of what someone else may offer- simply because we ourselves don’t behold the flavour and essence of meaningful and directed leadership. Unless this changes and we assume charge to lead ourselves to begin with, every and any attempt to deal and engage with social or community wide issues will almost always end up being a stop gap arrangement with no enduring or long lasting solution or approach! How we treat ourselves, is how society will end up treating us!

An empowered society is not about one magical leader dictating what others must do, on the contrary it is the ability to empowered individuals to keep their chosen, qualified leadership on the toes to achieve and foster what they have as individuals for the wider audience of a society or a community. This is how and when meaningful and progressive change and development happens! The real problem is and was never the problem, it has always been and will always be the response to the problem, which either simplifies it or complicates it! That well, depends on how bad the leadership pandemic has set into a given society and within the individuals who go on to make that society!

I leave you here with these thoughts, take a pause and do think about it, what is the real problem and what is a more failing pandemic, the one on our hands now or the one that always has been! Ciao for now will be back soon with another one until then, stay safe, stay wise and think!

As stars appear…

If you have ever got an opportunity to look up and see the stars appear one by one, this piece is for you! Even if you haven’t this is still for you, so that the next time you get an opportunity, you will make an effort to move out and look up! Join me here as we explore this space and decipher how a simple act can be so empowering and meaningful! So here we go!

As you step outside and begin to stare and gaze away into the dark skies over you, as you spend more time and more minutes, slowly you will see one by one, the stars appearing, soon enough as you continue for some more time , even in a limited section you begin to notice many of them and even the faintest of them eventually! As you zoom back out you soon are greeted by the sight of the hundreds that you can see and even as others around you are left wondering why you are gazing and staring at the few stars above, your eyes and you alone know what you have witnessed and what you have been able to decipher! This small act, although seemingly so very natural and normal has a deep message within, and that message is about, perseverance, belief and intent!

Many challenges that we face collectively or at an individual level have more to do with our ability or inability to decipher and engage with the perceived darkness that a challenge or a problem presents! Like the case with the stars, the more time you spend analysing and staying engaged with a problem or a challenge, the better are your chances of being able to resolve it! You see, the “problem” is not the problem, it never is, the response that you choose to deal with it, is what either simplifies it or ends up complicating it further!

The only reason why we are able to see the arrival of stars and appreciate the magnificence of the universe is because we ready ourselves for it and give the time it needs to appear, once we are where we are supposed to be. Unlike this, the fast paced nature of our life, constantly nudges us to move from one challenge to another and often we end up approaching new challenges even as we leave the earlier ones solved haphazardly or half way through, the result our lives end up becoming a cobweb of never ending situations where we are all but left fire fighting from one scenario to the next!

The real, yet elusive essence of life is not only about the material richness, sure enough that may be important, but when you are able to discover the greater and higher meaning associated with your intrinsic urge, is that real magic happens and it is then, that you will begin to decipher events around you, as they unfold with a clarity similar to that you may have as you look up and await for the stars to appear!

The simplest and perhaps the easiest, yet effective way to deal and engage with challenges or problems (as they are commonly referred to) is all about, developing an approach of proactive engagement with the challenges that come your way or your perceive them to come your way! Each day, make some time available for yourself to gaze over the infinite slate that your life is and try to figure out the emerging challenges. As you make this practise regular, you will be able to dive in quick and identify real issues from apparent ones and be able to swiftly deal with and pack them away so that when you face the sunlight and apply yourself to work, you will not be bothered by the lingering shadows of the problems within the spaces of your mind!

Life is beautiful not because there are no problems or challenges but rather you have them and they empower you to become who you become as you learn to deal with them or navigate around them! The story of human lives and humanity is not only about embracing success and being able to stand out or race ahead, it is more about being able to identify which problem you solve, when and how over the multiple problems that come your way, sometimes the simple trick of selecting the right problem to deal with, provides you a way to not only solve that pressing problem, but also liberates you from the other compelling situations around you- as you learn this technique which empowers you- a technique that is as unique as who you are to deal and engage with the specific challenges that come your way- for only you are meant to overcome them, the only differential being the way you choose to deal with them!

I leave you with these thoughts for today, step out and gaze the sky, allow the stars to appear and guide you to seek the answers to the questions that intrigue you and play with your mind on an ongoing basis! It is only when you learn to engage and begin to pick and choose your challenge that life will begin to change and align to the course that you want it to follow!

Ciao for now, will be back soon with another one, until then stay safe and stay wise! For our one-on-one coaching appointments write to us at for further details.