My private Sail-Boat

Last evening as it was raining…it happened I met GOD just like that..HE smiled at me and I said Hi!

“Your doing Fine Kid ” HE said.

I looked at HIM and said…” Of all the people and all the situations why me and whay these things, the way they are?”

GOD said, listen to the biggest secret of Life…..

Evertime I place a Human on this planet….I give him a pre-destined equipement (a kind of transport vehicle if you would like to think of) so that he/she can carry out the tasks that I ask them to.

For some I provide a Jet Plane….these folks cruise in their life and set standards and are looked upon by others and keep hope alive for mankind…..some go slow with the pace of a cart…so that the old world charm remains and Humans ever remain grounded so that they are humble enough all times…..

For you my dear, GOD said….. I have given you a Sail Boat……you will drift along the oceans see many a places and overcome many a Storm….but at all times the Wind in your sail will be my breath and the promise of times ahead!!!’

That’s when I finally asked… ” How will I prevail?”…GOD replied….” Don’t worry HE said….I will be the force and provide you with a wind that will steer you always away from storms and rough seas….some you must overcome…others I shall….. Seek ME I shall be Found…. have Faith in yourslf……and I shall prevail..

I, GOD said…”Never provided an equipement to anyone with a manufacturing defect…….problems start…..when you negate me and try to steer away from what pathways I have chartered and planned for you…”

Sail your boat…..I will be by you…….

The Sail Boat is indeed the quipement of my life!!!! What is Yours??? Time you found out!!!!!

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