Leave climate change unto itself!

A lot has been said, discussed, written, awards given, money distributed (by nations and banks) and a lot of eye wash and nonsense and “yes” “yes”, do you want a change? “yes” that kind of rhetorical nonsense with people within it not really knowing what they want or what is that these idiots are agreeing to! Welcome to the biggest social party ongoing on planet Earth- The Climate Change party! Now before you think of not reading further, I have my sanity and qualifications intact to be writing on this topic and of course since no one funds my writing, I can be brutally honest and in-the-face with no agenda but to share what it is and then let the reader decide what they want to do with their gifted intellect!

Climate change- It’s hotter, colder, rains a lot, more storms, more powerful, more intense, more impacting and causing more losses! Well in all this narrative apparently what I want you to focus on is the last one- “more losses”. Now the question is why would there be more losses- well guess, since you follow my blog, I assume your level of intelligence and by now you too would have figured out- well as humans- our natural curiosity and ability to keep on flirting with danger and taking senseless risks have pushed us directly in the path of nature’s horror alley! This is the plain and simple philosophical truth about climate change!

Improvements in living conditions have been amazing in the last three decades, we live longer, don’t normally die when we must, keep hanging on with advance medicines, we keep reproducing ( not really caring a bit for anyone or anything) – of course some regions across the globe show a decrease in this aspect- but that’s more a demographic distortion than any real sensible intent to serve a greater cause of humanity! All these advancements and developments at the cost of nature and gross disregard towards it has qualified us to be at the receiving end of nature!

Data that is thrown in our face- citing temperature increase, sea water increase, increase in pollution levels- partly this is also because the ability to measure attributes has become more better and sophisticated with toys developed by scientists coming out of the labs and agenda drivers get to play with them as they like to sell the agenda which makes them happy and rich!

The fact remains, planet – Earth- the third rock from the Sun, cares a damn about who won a Nobel for Climate Change, Physics, Chemistry or how much donation which charity paid to which nation- we are all on this massive rock, travelling along space and time and like everything governed by rules of science- Whether we do something about it or not – things will always continue to progress in the direction that they must as per laws that govern the universe. All this nonsense and spending towards so-called arresting climate change is like wearing your old clothes and chopping yourself to fit in and look younger and nicer!

So you must be thinking, alright to what’s cooking here, well a lot – if you know to choose your menu correctly. This trump card of “climate change” is used by nations to influence how trade is done, what can be done, what cannot be done and importantly all this is dictated by a select few to service their own agendas and how much that lot cares about the climate is for anyone to guess! Just give it a thought- the amount of conferences, movements, protests that happen under this umbrella, just imagine how many people travel, money spent on communication strategies and use of paint, wood, colors, fabric and so called eco-friendly materials to propagate the thought that the climate is getting messed up and we should use resources wisely and sparingly and be just etc. etc…. the irony is that even the process of communicating this bit is filled with hypocrisy and does more harm to the cause than what these groups supposedly claim!

Things are very simple- the planet is changing and will always continue to even as it obeys the laws of physics and eventually gets consumed by the Sun in the next 4.5 billion years- at that time, no matter how many placards you hold nothing will change the fate of the planet! The learning and honest take here is simple- be honest the way you go about your living, have sensibilities to what you consume and how much you consume and open up to a culture of collective sharing and caring for the larger good of the society and respect natural boundaries and stop living where you must not- other things will be automatically managed and for all you know- you will start to enjoy live telecasts of storms and floods from the comfort of your home once you begin to live where you should be living- without trespassing into the natural zones that you mustn’t.

Always remember it is not the earthquake that kills- it is the structure that falls when the earth quakes that kills you! Think about it and stay wise and don’t get sold into this new propaganda! Be kind and do your small stuff for your wellness, take care of your home and the earth will be a wonderful place and nothing to worry about….the only thing that is certain is change ..so what if it is about the climate! Stay wise and stay grounded!