Applying common-sense to solve complex problems!

Well, I did try to be a bit serious in the last two articles and try genuinely to drive a point on few things around us (especially the ones’ that do not make any sense at all), but then I thought this natural style and approach of speaking my mind and sharing my thoughts is more helpful and sensible and how did I realise that – well that’s what the title of this article and this article is all about- It is a short visit to the our very overlooked and critical competence of being able to apply and use “common sense”

A closer look at finding solutions to ever evolving complex problems is to take a pause and try to see what really is happening and what is allowing things to go the way they are! What is a problem really?- well one way of answering that question is that –“It is an unwelcome manifestation of events around oneself -wherein the experience is not what is anticipated” If you have got this bit then trust me you have solved and done away with almost every challenge that life would have thrown towards you!

The next question in this sequence has to be- Why do problems tend to live along and at times seem to have a mind of their own? Well the fact is – they do piggy back on the fears that we manifest within and secondly they never have a mind of their own (thankfully!), it is rather our fears and inability to comprehend them (the way we should be) what makes them seem like a bigger demon then they really are! A classic case of shadow being bigger and darker then the actual object! So, now you know- kind of- what a problem is and what makes it seem to be what it is- how do we really deal with it? what is the possibly right way ahead- well here is your answer…

Use the simple technique that common-sense provides you with , first have a closer look- decide whether what you are evaluating will kill you (now or later) if left unattended. If you have answered “no” then just move on and don’t waster another precious second of your life whining about whatever caught your attention! But in case you did answer “yes” well then the time has arrived to take a pause and check what’s happening around!

To resolve issues that do need your attention- there will be few, which need immediate action and attention (which will certainly harm you in a good and predictable measure) and then there are those which will harm you enough but will allow you to be there with an altered existence (altered in the sense of how you go about doing whatever you do!- seems good to ignore, does it? don’t be fooled,a majority of problems are situated here and these arise from different corners of society and are camouflaged into a different narrative always to meet their objectives and by the time you realize what has struck you – it is often too late to do anything about it!

For instance, consider this you are driving on a lonely stretch of the highway and you encounter a vehicle problem, what do you do? Most probably depending on the type of vehicle you own, depending on who you are and what your net worth is (perceived net worth) you will act and get a respond which will save you anywhere between few minutes to a couple of hours! Now zoom into another scenario- the current ongoing environmental disaster in Australia- the bush-fires. We can have books written and films made on what led to them and how they could have been prevented and all of that- but for now the problem is that at least a billion animals have been killed, people have been devastated, killed and an entire nation is staring at the orange glow in the skies above and wondering what the next day has to offer! So how do you solve this?- well the fact is- when we have environmental disasters at the scale that this has been unfolding – there is hardly anything that you can do- literally it is about making those difficult choices between saving oneself or the stranger 50 miles down the road in the thicket! This immediately drives society into that dangerous zone of “each one unto themselves” because as a collective effort there is nothing that is being achieved! (For the simple reason what could have been achieved in terms of prevention and caution through public policy and practice was never done!)

It is in spaces like these that common-sense (the presence or absence of it) and its use/abuse will resolve or further complicate the situations!

Well the example of driving the vehicle and solving the issue would be an easier one to comprehend with use of common sense and minimal intelligence at hand, it is in moments when societies struggle with grave and far deeper challenges that use of common sense and wisdom becomes all that more important and decisive to shape the future of the society in question! The Australian bush-fires area great example- with all the technology available and at disposal- there were enough indicators that weer saying something was amiss- a hotter then usual summer, scantier rain then the last time and so much of dried up vegetation – it was nothing less then a disaster in the waiting- and importantly this can happen everywhere in the world- this is nothing specific to Australia- when governments and agencies who have the power and responsibility to manage and mitigate risks and ensure safety of societies turn away and tend to ficus on something else at the cost of one issue- things will eventually go wrong!

Answer this- given the power that you get access – if you lead a government- with so much past data and records at your disposal- do you really want me to believe that such an emergency was not anticipated? I mean really?

A lot of answers to problems big or small- lies hidden in plain sight even as allow the problems to grow big by either intentional or unintentional ignorance! the secret to answering a lot of big problems lies in not allowing them to be bigger then you can manage and ensuring you have a dynamic focus ongoing at matters and situations which demand and command the same- like an hawk eye!

Take your cup of coffee and think about it- loud and clear- slow and within- if every chat and scientific discussion leads to inferences and conclusion which seem sensible and sane- then what betrays people with access to power and resources from turning away form what must be attended to!

I will sign off here, leaving you with your cup and thoughts- until we catch up next time with some more interesting aspects about the times that we live in!