How natural events are transformed into disasters.

Cyclones, earthquakes, landslides, mudslides, flash floods, seasonal floods, volcanic eruptions, tidal bore, tsunami, avalanche, sandstorms, tornadoes, typhoons, well all these seem to be cousins from one big family who are hell bent at making human lives miserable and hell, but the truth is far from that! This short piece is to help you make some peace with these wonderful gifts of nature and allow you to enjoy them while ensuring your safe and don’t suffer! So let’s go!

Our planet has been evolving and continues to, with each passing second- that’s how it has always meant to be! Even before humankind evolved as we know it today, these natural events played a major role in ensuring that the conditions were conducive enough for complex organisms, ecosystems to develop and foster which have made it possible to be who we are today, and for me to write this blog!

Through history- ancient and modern- there have been replete examples of storms, and cataclysmic events at times well documented and at times lost partly in the passage of time. 200 years ago the earth was the same, the natural events would have been more or less the same- the only reason why we possibly never had such a hue and cry about things was possibly because our science and the accompanying dumbness had not yet arrived to the scene! With breakthrough’s in science, technology, it became possible to have satellites hosted up, weather balloons sent up and snaps clicked to understand comprehensively how the weather systems worked in tandem not only in a small area- but across larger areas.The boundaries of nations are created by humankind, for nature there is no international border or allegiance to any trading block or political alignment- if there is a storm coming your way – Nature will not decide your fate on religious or political alignments- your acceptance of science and common-sense alone will make the difference between you have a future tense or getting permanently stuck in the past tense!

If one goes to see what has changed in the last 200-300 years, it is the spread of mankind in areas as remote as one could think of- remote in the context of climatic harshness and habitat in general. So what did we do, well we applied science, technology and ingenuity, perhaps all that we could apply (sans common-sense) to create cities, towns and human settlements in areas and locations which were nothing more than a ticking time bomb with regards to how nature implements it’sown plan! Last 200-300 years historically have witnessed large events wherein there has been general disregard to nature, whether it is altering the course of rivers for dams, whether it is draining the swamps to make way for construction, whether it is reclaiming land from the Sea, or blasting off mountains to create transport lines, or clearing natural habitats for agriculture and cash crops, you name it and you will find it- these and many allied factors around these events- which have a geo-political and an economic overtone to it have accelerated the conflict between Nature and Humanity. The funny part is that humans have first created this problem and than gone a step further in creating a whole new business of trying to figure out how to deal with “Climate Change”even as every passing second the climate is being altered and changed through human activities on an ongoing basis!

The simple truth remains is that humanity through it’s development has sadly allowed the human greed to override human acceptance and the better use of accommodation mind-set which is so very critical- as each one of us knows that this is the only planet we have (at least as yet) and this is the only place we can call our home in the whole known spectrum of the Universe! This human greed to have it all, consume everything and dominate resources of nature/from nature has ensured we are always in the firing line of natural events! Cities have been built around sea fronts world over – knowing very well- that there exists a clear and imminent danger form what the oceans have to throw at you when they have a bad day at office! Hill sides and mountain slopes are cleared off recklessly to have the quaint little hill top or mountain view idyllic settings for that ever elusive Instagram selfie- without giving a second thought about the risks that come with an unstable earth on precarious slope- setting up of whole city blocks close to river flood lines – clearing vital pristine natural forests for farming- all of these set up as a society in direct conflict with nature and when shit happens- which it will- instead of the storm going away flattening trees in a forest- where they can grow back fast and quick (as part of the natural processes) we end up having messed up cities and devastated human lives at times with terrible stories of agony and pain which take years and years to recover and by the time that recovery is complete we are surely hit by some other incident in one way or the other! So, by now if you are trying to think I am making a pitch for an environmental cause- well I am not, because even that is business! I am trying to share a simple and yet wonderful thought- Get Humanity out of the way of Nature and everything will be just fine!

If people don’t senselessly clear forests, build resorts by blasting off mountain slopes, don’t whine for sea-front properties and understand that nature is beyond your lovely pet and the money plant in your house or office, well I guess, we would have already won half the battle! No matter who says what, it doesn’t matter how much of science you know or not, what matters and perhaps the only thing that matters is if you generously use common-sense and want to feel empowered by nature and share the sunrises, sunsets, spring flowers and the snowfall in the right way at the right times and wish to paddle down a call, clean river or have a campfire by the beach or in the woods- remember it always starts with you, every singular effort done to ensure that nature is not being trampled upon is the essence of ensuring that we are able to handover the pearls that nature has to offer to succeeding generations sans the unwarranted anxiety and whole narrative of “the world was better earlier”! Remember, earthquakes don’t kill, it is the man-made structures that fail- which kill people, Flash floods don’t kill- being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time gets your killed! Nature has it’s own way to send out signals of distress and warnings if you understand it that way- have your wondered why animals ride it out better when natural events occur? You may say they sense it, well yes they do, the fact also being, even we can, but our capitalist and modern day greed has ensured we have ended up switching off our receivers which can help us too- should we ever trespass into a natural place at a horribly wrong time!

Finally, it is never about Nature Vs Humanity, we are part of nature- once we are ready to keep aside or even trim a little of the ever growing greed of wanting and dominating the planet, this world will be a much better and safer place! Remember, natural events never were designed in a way to kill anyone- let alone humans- it is humans who have found ingenious and dumb ways to get into the path of nature and at the wrong times and add to our ever growing list of demises which occur because of non-application of science and commonsense-applying even one of it can save human lives- always- no matter what nature throws at you!

I will leave you here,for now, so if you happen to be somewhere close to brewing thunderstorm or by the beach, show some respect and use your limited knowledge of science or common-sense to ensure you can appreciate the great sights and sounds that nature puts up for us and also ensuring you don’t get killed and live to see another sunrise!

Ciao for now, will be back soon with another piece and here’s wishing you a eco-friendly life!