Declutter your life!

Hi there, if you are done with the morning session of updating your fragile and self serving status on all the online handles and done with posting those meaningless updates, welcome to my new write up- albeit a short one!

Everyone on the planet seems to be suddenly bothered about everything around- right from the neighbor’s cat to global warming- everyone has a solution to fixing the situation- easily and fast- well then what’s screwing up and stopping the world from being a better place?

People tend to forget a fundamental principle- every act done to serve outwardly holding back hidden and sinister self-serving agendas will always f**ck up in a big way and hit hard like a wooden boomerang should!

Everyone seems to get lost around themselves- either they are drowning in the electronic shit of online networks and uploading loads and loads of photos and videos (often senseless and outright stupid bordering on the sidelines of being disgusting and often repulsive!). If this is not what tends to screw up people, then it is the brick and mortar form of senseless buying of things to the extent that modern homes- which by themselves are glorified pigeon holes by any measure- unless you are lucky enough to inherit some awesome mansion from your dead great uncle- or have really been at the apex within the summit to be the 10% of the 1% who are hanging to dear life in the social pyramid!

It’s high time to revisit our child-hood friend- “common-sense”- when you are well aware that each one of us are nothing more than ticking biological time bombs with an expiry date already pre-fed the day we were born; knowing well none of the shit and crap that we buy, get as gifts or loot from others will be teleported to the other dimension with us (at least as yet!)- why don’t we stop this senseless buying- hoarding and collection of things, memories and so on and so forth?- Well part of the problem lies in the way our brains have been wired- being social by nature humans earlier found security and comfort by staying connected, that’s how social structure, language, communication and art forms, hobbies and vocations etc evolved with time – evolutionary mechanisms were always aimed to ensure the success of the species.

With the advent of modern times- the abuse of technological advancement has lead to create more problems and challenges then the solutions that it has offered! How many cases of obesity, cancer, rheumatism, alzheimer, blood pressure, stress, anxiety- do you think you will find in the recent history – just go back to the period between 1700-1800 AD, if you travel for histrocial references in time period before that chances are you will come across death by fighting, routine illnesses and old age as the major factors providing tickets to the next world!

Many of our illnesses ( both physical and increasingly mental) are a direct result of technological abuse and going into overdrive with senseless consumerism and a race and competition with ourselves. No once speaks to you differently if you carry a brand A or a brand B- and if they do so- then you seriously need help and need to apply for immigration to a better country where humans still live!

Like on the material side, even on the emotional plane people hold on to unnecessary melodrama and keep flirting with ghosts from the past in forms ranging from the innocent social media post to letters, to artifacts to fabric- you name it and you will know what I am speaking about here! No matter what religion you follow- whether you are a believer of some faith or an atheist- living in the NOW with a purpose is the crux of all fulfillment and sense that will alone give you that warm smile on your face and keep that make up laden plastic smile away for good! I am not suggesting here a hippy type lifestyle- rather a mature, purpose centric and value driven existence wherein there is a minute to minute awareness about oneself and everyone around that matters!

Senseless hoarding and collection of things and memories which you know very well, cannot be teleported to the next dimension (as yet at least!)De-cluttering is the first step towards leading a purpose driven and value centric life; however it is a very different and apparent in-your -face reality that people are happy to look away from all this, as they continue to add chaos to their lives and also tend to pull in others along with them to cause further turmoil centric existence for oneself and those around who matter!

It helps to remember always that each one of us is a traveler and the essence of good and purposeful travel is having a light luggage and a soul which is free from unnecessary entrapment so that it can soak in the experiences that the journey has to offer!

Make a commitment to yourself and do a favor to your beaten down soul– Start to de-clutter your life today!

Travel light, travel safe and stay connected….signing off for now; I have a flight to catch!