To change the system,be the system!

It always is a challenge as a writer, when you want to weigh carefully and share your thoughts/experiences for a new year- but viewing it from another angle- it is perhaps just another routine flip of a calendar and a change of date! So here we go again with some usual wit and humor – even as we go about destroying and rebuilding our only planet! 7 days into the new year, the first blog of 2020, well here we go!

No matter where you want to land on our planet right now, there is strife and chaos all around- much of this has been the result of the ever present web of greed- greed for power, greed for money, greed for opulence and finally the never ending greed for controlling societies! It is in times like these that it becomes all the more necessary to stand up individually and collectively in what you believe in and stand up for all that will serve the very essence of human foundation- love-empathy- compassion and care-unselfish care for fellow humans- never forget it is the only planet we have and if we decide to abuse it and get reckless with it- we do so at our own peril!

Taking cue from recent global developments- around the world- whether that be the political assassination carried out by the US of an Iranian General, the ongoing protests in India(with support flowing in across the universities and colleges from the world) or the seemingly unimaginable and unmanageable wildfires in Australia (still burning as I write this article) or the ongoing global plight of refugees and climate change (which the UN has been speaking about across multiple forums and with a strong coercive tone to ensure that as group of nations we act with greater care and empathy); All of these have a common thread- a thread that reads- that- All of these are issues are a result of a fast failing system which has faltered it’s way for long and lead astray a society and the global community from the real issues and real challenges which need to be addressed. So the next question- fine we have issues and we have problems so what can we do about them? Can we really do something in the first place? Well there is good news and bad news for these questions- The good news first- we can certainly manage a few things well and ensure they are dusted away for good and the bad news is- that no matter what you do- Mother Earth has a plan for herself and if you are sadly in her way- well you are toast!

A simple and effective manner to manage and deal with man-made and greed related issues and challenges is to practice and imbibe the maxim- “Be the system to change the system” easier said then done- but friends that’s the only way around- especially when you are up against a machinery that has gone wrong like a runaway train and seems to smash into everything that was ever created and existed! But seriously how do you go about this- one may say- to get into a system and then effect a change may take long and by then the problems would have mutated to something new altogether– well yes- that can be partly true- but there is a way around this too-“Extraordinary situations call for Extraordinary solutions”– yes and these steps are the very essence that ensure changes that occur are swift and impacting in equal measure or more then the perceived and experienced chaos that is being played around the society in the context of the time and place!

To change a system, you need to first- infiltrate the system at what I call as key points, next in a timed orchestra turn the levers so that system stops, reverses and works twice as fast in the opposite direction to correct what must be and to service the larger cause of human well being! There would be different ways how this could be achieved- a few of them could be with friends along from within and few could be a total takeover from the outside- but whatever route one chooses, unless there is a compelling and larger visible cause that demonstrates clear differences and benefits to the society – no story of change will ever be complete or effective!

When it comes to the different set of challenges as posed by our planet- read climate change- there are two sets of clear distinction- the question to ask is, “Whether an event that is unfolding would have occurred irrespective of human presence?”, now depending on what the answer to this question is- you really know whether this is an induced challenge or it’s just one of those aspects of being in the wrong place at a wrong time- read earthquakes and Tsunamis. As long as this distinction is clear solutions to address the challenges will be coming and they will arrive well in time to manage and mitigate most of the threats whether they are from human activities impacting nature or whether that the planet running away with a mind of it’s own!

Once you answer this, you have ways and paths to choose the next steps to bring about the change that you cherish as a society- To move ahead -towards something that is more amicable and more calming- because it is only in the organised and settled societies/groups that creativity flourishes.The entire essence of human existence through the ages has been the expression of human intelligence through creative pursuits- choose any subject you wish to – but this is the underlying foundation- the very essence of human existence!

Well, I will leave you with these thoughts for now- “Change is always evolving and always around”- It’s time to sit back and reflect upon the change that you want to bring around within yourself and the society around.Possibly delve into how you are going to go about it!

See you soon with another freshly baked idea!

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