And the future belongs to…

No this is not a prophetical piece; but rather based on observations, readings, conversations and engagement with people whose opinions matter (and are taken into account for good or bad reasons) and go into shaping the fate of over 95% of humankind!

Irrespective of who you are , how rich or poor you are, where you are and what your likes and dislikes are, what kind of biases and challenges that you face, irrespective of everything and almost any statistical data point that you can think of or will ever be presented with- one thing and the only thing that will ensure you have a future (a future of your choice) will only and only depend on the factor of skill and competence that you imbibe intrinsically and apply it to your advantage!

So is this really this simple? Well, yes it is. Don’t get fooled by the chaos of multiple inputs and triggers that you are being bombarded day in and day out- whether it is an evaluation of a career choice that you are considering, the next move, or something as simple as what you want to cook tonight for dinner or where your next vacation should be- all of these and answers to any questions that you will ever have will always loop back to a singular granularity of “Who you are” and “What is that U want to do with what U have”. Extend this principle a little further, ” What U do, with what U have,the way U do it, to get what U want; will only be possible by what U have and Who U are”. No book, no motivational speaker will ever tell you this (for obvious reasons), it is not only about your aspirations, rather it is about the quality of your aspirations and this quality driven aspirational thinking only comes from your unique way of thinking- it comes from your strong Individuality about who U are – Always!

The above two paragraphs- read them over and over as many times as you want to – for here lies the secret to the future – future that impacts each one of us. The future of mankind will only be records of people who were able to make the difference by doing things differently- read “uniquely”- doing both the routine- already established mundane things in a new way and the new breed of innovators and scientists who will devise ingenuous ways of doing something new in a very unique manner- which will go on to impact each one of us to alter the way we live about our lives.

The reason why this is important, well in the race to carve out a niche and come up with something new- every day, month and year the race will test the limits of human imagination and science application to help wired ideas come to life!

The future will belong to those who are able to decipher the times using unique ways through their intrinsic personalities (Who they are and What they have to offer!) The future will largely resemble the bygone great age of renaissance that Europe and America had witnessed, albeit it will be with a twist of the new age tools and methods that will accelerate frontiers of art and science like never before.

If you are anywhere a kid now, or a young professional (still with your intellect intact) this possibly is the best time to be around- to soak in important nuggets of crucial information and data that’s floating around the information universe and see which of these elements can provide you with necessary tools to unleash the next big enabler for your generation and for subsequent generations– This you will be able to do only if you know intrinsically what is that you have to offer and how you want to go about it! That sense of purpose of creating something that is owned by you and created by you has to be fierce enough to withstand competing ideas and also leans enough for easy adoption and scalability!

The future will not belong to diligent workers, smart workers or people who charm the board rooms or say “yes” and “no” with assertion or respite, nothing of all this will matter anymore in the next ten years from now. The only things that matter will be what value can you create and what is the value that you bring to the tableThis will be a function of who you are and on a very larger way a function of being educated (good schooling and higher education with emphasis on research- no matter what field you choose to be in). This alone my friends will be the secret to enjoy control and impact control in the societies of the future, your individual contributions that will only flow if you are empowered enough to believe in Who you are, What you have to offer and possibly know How you want to go about it (of course there is space to build on this last aspect as you go figuring out pathways in your life), but having said this, the future belongs only and only to those Who are Individuals with A Purpose- A purpose that rises from within and which aims to collaborate and create value for the larger good”

I leave you with your thoughts here, and hope you get some time to plot your journey and know where exactly you stand. Perhaps this is the moment to re-calibrate and re-draw your plans for the time ahead!

Will be back soon with another article that helps us take our fascinating journey further!