You are a collection of invested moments!

As you get ready to face a crazy Monday, whether you are working from home or racing away to your workplace, what you do next will go a long way to determine who you become! Sure enough, knowing it’s your Monday, no long read for now, but just a reminder that all that we become in the moments ahead, is nothing but a net result of what we have done in the moments bygone! Join me here for a quick take to understand what this is all about and what is that you can do to ensure that you become who you really want to be!

We all are aware of this old adage that we end up becoming what our thoughts are, or we end up becoming like the people with whom we spend the most time with, so on and so forth! That, may be perhaps true, but what really matters beyond all of that is, what is that you are planing to do in the now- so that your coming moments align you more and more towards the person that you aspire to be! A lot of people get into what I call as the “sulk trap”, you would have come across these gifted individuals who just go on and on in an endless loop whining and complaining about everything that they can and as often as they can! but will simply refuse to do anything at all to alter the outcomes so that they may be as they want! These people are the ones’ who will go on and on to tell you glorious tales of the past and the greatness that they achieved and then, how all of that came crashing down, but they will never discuss what are they doing about it now- are they even planing to get up, dust themselves, roll up their sleeves and get going again doing what they were so proficient doing or what is that now they want to be! So why do these people behave this way to begin with?

The human mind is very funny at times, to an extent that human intelligence ends up sabotaging human potential many a times! You may be amazed, its more of the intelligent people that cause more grave dangers to humanity than the odd dumb wits out there and this has to do with, what I call as “Intellectual Inertia”. Intellectual Inertia, is very similar to the whole Newtonian concept of inertia, the only and life changing difference being that here the inertia is that of the mind and this is not only detrimental but at times can also be fatal! You see human mind is a great machine, it too always wants to achieve the bare minimum with the least effort- so if your brain is given a choice of achieving 80 with a 20% effort Vs achieving 100 with an 50% effort, it will gladly settle down at 80! This is natural and there are good enough reasons why it has been constructed that way- it is for our own survival! You do remember, the old stories right- evolution of the human species and about the grand development of our thinking faculties! Well, sure you do and this is all a part and parcel of that ever ongoing process!

When the body is well nourished and the immediate social structure around is stable, it is but natural for the human mind to get lackadaisical and hence if you see through history the greatest of discoveries, inventions and innovations have only come to see the light of the day, when there was pressure and some compelling reason applied that made individual and teams to collectively keep thinking in a coercive manner to seek solutions about problems which to begin with were thought to be an impossibility to deal with and this in fact, is the very essence of why your next move will eventually determine who you become! Read on!

As long as there is no coercive pressure either from within us or from someone who we work for, you and I both know the story of our efficiency at work or getting a job done, it’s only when the shit hits the roof, that we scamper around and since the reprimands can be very severe we try to salvage the situation as we can and try to make the most of what we can; never ever in a moment realizing that, what we do in all that under pressure survival mode is prepare ourselves for the subsequent moments that follow- whether they are of glory for having achieved what we were meant to or whether they happen to be of despair and challenges, if we indeed end up loosing out on what he had set out for, is what determines the outcome of who we become post those moments! Those moments of being a victor or a survivor is what goes on to create the pathways for us and irrespective of what our aspirations are, these developing pathways go on to make that journey either easier or that tad difficult as we keep moving ahead! So what’s the story, you may ask?

Well, the story is really simple, as long as you know how wisely you are investing in the moment that you in the now, that much easier will it be for you to govern and control the ones’ that follow and thereby ensure that time as the master of these moments strides alongside you and you are able to become what you aspire to be- by simply being mindful about your moments- the one that you are in the now and the ones’ that follow! It’s the impact of not being mindful- perhaps to the extent as would have been required, is why most of us, almost always arrive at the crossroads especially when the signal is red and then go on wait endlessly until we have earned that green signal to move ahead and well, I need not speak about what happens when we plan to jump that red signal!

These moments alone are what go on to make who we aspire to be and that either happens the easy way or the difficult way! As long as we are aligned to the aspirations that we seek and we ensure that our approach and utilization of each second that we have is invested (not spent) towards that aspiration, we have universal congruence working for us and that makes the journey more relaxing and seemingly easy to achieve. The minute there are discords and detours from the paths, conflict of aspirations and so on and so forth setting in, we not only begin to face an investment deficit (sine time is no longer being used up for what our aspiration are), but also we start to spend away all that we would have gained until that moment and end up depleting ourselves with whatever resources that we would have internalized within (setting off a barrage of confidence and self-doubt issues!)

You see, it is our over intelligence or baffling dumbness that goes on to complicate matters and we end up becoming the lower version of ourselves with each passing hour! Unless there is coercive effort of directed thinking and pursuit by being invested in oneself, whether it is the business goal that you are chasing or it is that target for your boss that you chase, none of that will come to you, unless you have truly stayed invested with intent towards those aspirations! The way to do that is avoid arrogance and repel ignorance!

Perhaps the only way to create value and be a value, is to stay invested in your moment- the moment that you are in, for that is the only real way to reach your aspirations and goals! Unless you aren’t invested within, creating value for yourself and being true to the aspirations that you have set out to achieve, everything else will be nothing else but a mirage of wishful thinking and self pitying self-talk about why nothing ever got done and how you were always right and everything and everyone around you was wrong!

So final words? Well, just accept this one truth of your life, we all are nothing more or nothing less, but an aggregation of moments, one unto the next and it is the choices that we have done in those, which either go on to align us to our aspirations or end up taking us on far away detours’ in one case we will be able to stay invested within and in the other case we will rapidly deplete ourselves and even if we reach what we aspire for, perhaps we will end up reaching the destination more famished than nourished! The choice is of your’s to make, how do you want to be in the next moment that is on the way to embrace you and the subsequent ones’ that follow, for you are nothing more than a collection of invested moments! The more invested you have been, the more enriching your journey will be and the more aligned will you be with regards to your aspirations!

I leave you here with these thoughts, take that pause, make that pledge to stay invested within yourself, for that alone is the way to reach your aspirations, more nourished than being famished! Each one of us, is but a personification of our invested moments!

Ciao for now, will be back soon with another one! Until then stay safe and stay wise!