Effective Leadership- Creating more empowered leaders

At a time when the world seems to be all over the place even as it spins around in space; the singular fundamental fact that has been overlooked across levels and across all nooks and corners of the societal fabric remains that we are undergoing a major deficit on “Effective Leadership” and this is one of the many fundamental flaws which is eventually taking its toll on individuals and societies!

No matter which part of the world you live or what your belief’s are (I mean, the faith you choose, don’t choose, whether you believe in humanity or not- irrespective of anything at all) your suffering will be directly proportional to the lack of effective leadership in the society immediately around you!

Can you recall or relate to the facts like – co-workers around you seem to be dumber by the day, casual approach is the new cool and people endlessly wait for instructions without even batting an eye-lid (just because that is what has been told to them!) Well these are all forms of micro-manifestations of lack of “effective leadership”. When leadership fails to deliver what it must and what is can- the symptoms are all around you and you alone will suffer (the leaders are always at a point and space beyond being impacted by this out-of-the-world-dumb acts (even though the very reason for their manifestation is the lack of sensible and directed leadership skills!). This was something bothering around your immediate work place and immediate area of comfort. There is another dimension to this which is more damaging and more dangerous then being funny!

When dumb people occupy critical and important positions (whether be it in private jobs or government assignments (read people who are meant to understand and suggest policy changes that impact not only your nation but also possibly play a role impacting the world- depending on how big or small the nuisance value of your nation is!) the situation goes from being funny and dumb to outright dangerous and also can lead to meltdown of nations and societies with grave consequences! You may ask- but what has this to do with “leadership failure”, well, it has everything to do with it! The very fact that dumb people go on to occupy important positions that impact lives of millions directly or indirectly is an evidence of myopic leadership which went on to choose something that should have kept aside for the larger good of the society and nation!

Ineffective leadership not only has the potential to harm the “Today” of a society or a nation but certainly has the potency to damage the societal fabric for the coming times ahead- this impact is directly proportional to the extent of damage done (across how may areas of the society and how deep this impact has been across the socio-economic class of the society!) So what is the solution or answer to reduce this , if not altogether eliminate this!

Well the solution is to ensure we have a Leadership that thrives on creating more leaders rather then myopic “yes men”. Unless Leadership is directed to harness human potential for succeeding generations with a view to keep up sustained growth and a vision that reflects and adapts to changing dynamics of the society in sync with the aspirations of the majority- anything and everything attempted to do for a society will end up being a wasted effort!

Effective Leadership- can be practiced and encouraged at all levels– whether it is allowing your kid to make choices and then relating the reasons for the choice made or it could be giving a youngster the first go-ahead for the first para-jump based on his/her assessment of his/her abilities and once they qualify the criterion wherein the damages are not completely fatal- then from thereon it is just successive steps for creating leaders! Within the confines of office spaces it is about – taking a step back and allow your team to lead and demonstrate what they can– so you know very well that- when you are long gone and wasted to time- you were indeed able to contribute to an organisation to create and system and process which goes on to harness the value of human potential and “effective leadership” is the fine tool which stays hidden among the many other interventions that go on to build long lasting organisations!

No matter who you are and what you do- there is always an opportunity to demonstrate “effective leadership” and trust me- all of that investment will come back to you in a way or the other and ensure the challenges of your life are simplified when you need them. Just ask a maths teacher, how he feels when he finds out that his student is a CEO of a financial corporation- (knowing very well he always earned a C in Maths and Economics! ) and his life’s saving were locked away in that bank!- Hope you got the picture!

Do a favor to yourself and others around you, start with what you can while you can and create spaces and opportunities for yourself and everyone around to practice and cherish “Effective Leadership” that alone is a tool to reduce dumbness around the world- Dumbness that seems funny and which can be outright catastrophic!

Leaving you with these thoughts, as you rush through your week- stay wise, stay safe and do what you can to reduce dumbness!

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