Rescuing Imploding Polarized Societies.

No matter how hard I try to avoid writing something this serious, well, the politicians globally and locally seem to ensure I end up writing a piece around this topic, at least once- whether or not it helps us to be a bit more sane or otherwise!

What we see around us, is a figment of the society that we live about and trust me, it has noting to do with how affluent you are! Money can never guarantee you any safety if you continue to flirt with danger; thinking money will rescue you while you live about in polarized society is equivalent of thinking that the Tiger will not eat you, because you do not eat a Tiger!

Polarized societies work to the advantage of the political class, the bureaucrats and the big blue blood tycoons who want to exercise absolute control (which borders on the thin line of becoming a global psychopath- like Hitler and other friends’ of his were). The question is why do these idiots want to exercise so much control and what is that they want to do with it?

Revisit recent history and start connecting the dots; Arrive at AD 1910 and start from there- as fruits of rapid industrialization and accessibility of resources and land started to become a reality , with it flowed the cardinal sins of greed, gluttony and all that goes with it. When greed coupled with an infinite access to money becomes a reality- power is but a slave and this cocktail is by far the most deadliest and damaging one! This is indeed the seed that has flowered into different tress and worn different overalls- sometimes polarizing societies by camouflage it as a call of a religion, community, gender, caste, belief systems, value systems, ethnicity, you name it and you will find an example somewhere on the 30% of land that we move around on! At times I feel so grateful that water covers close to 70% of our planet, else just amplify the nuisance even two fold- its just outright spooky and needless to say outright dangerous!

Through evolution we have been hardwired to hold on to our community and individuals emerge as leaders within the pack, in the earlier times, being seen as a leader, King, Captain, Head of a group, needless to say would provide the individual with the best that the clan or the community would have had to offer, be it luxurious foods, the most sought after part of a steak, ability to choose a bride over others, wear rustic ornaments without any questions, set rules and regulations (which were always binding on others); well all this happened when we were tribal communities or farmers surviving from one meal to another, but the question still remains, “Why would majority of other members yield into this?” I will answer this in a bit; just see what is happening around you in the modern context, irrespective whether you are based out of the US, UK, some country from the EU, India or any place that you can think of- look closely- who are the people running (or ruining your nation and society)? Who are they? What are their backgrounds? What are their belief systems, values, affiliations and causes that brought them into the space of public domain- what is that they are hiding in plain sight? I won’t be surprised if you feel awkward that the society you are moving about is at times directly or indirectly creating subtle or direct divisions within, using one garb over the other. Few nations allow it camouflaged (by suggesting certain benefits are for some sections because they have been “deprived” – well sure deprived- but, “who deprived them”, to begin with!; when each part of the society started together as one- “What was happening all the time which was not visible!?

No matter which society you are a part of, polarization is an ongoing threat- it could be religious, economic, access to societal benefits of development, access to opportunities for advancing lifestyle, ability to express oneself- it could any of these or all of these depending on how bad and faulted the society is turning out to be! Coming back to the million dollar question-“Why do majority members of a society tolerate this?” -When individually they know is unwise, collectively why do they seem to be frozen! This is because Unless there is a proven alternative which can demonstrate loud and clear, an ability to lead and assure members of the society that they will be safe and secure always- this societal freeze continues.Once an alternative has been found and established- the society wastes no time to overturn its earlier choice (read revolution) and that’s how when a society says, “Enough is Enough” (even as the self-obsessed drivers of society seem to ignore everything around)- A new order comes into play!

If you are trapped in any such society (we all are frankly speaking to a smaller or greater extent), there is absolutely no need to be overwhelmed, rather you can choose your responses at an individual and a community level by collaborating and coordinating actions which are lawful and non-violent to ensure that the balance is struck and a mid-way is achieved which serves the majority of the population – Something that helps them to achieve equal access to their aspirations, economic, social and perhaps political. Detailing on how you go about it, step by step will simply not be possible – because these will change based on ground realities and contexts and vary community to community even withing nations!

The blue print is simple- Identify the arena from where the headwinds of polarization are coming in, seek the source and reason behind it- expose the ill found reason and create a more acceptable and powerful alternative narrative that will simply douse out the ill found earlier narrative! Sustain and no matter what- never go down to the level of hate that an opponent brings along- for that just takes away all the legitimacy that you try to bring to the society as an alternative. Keep going and be forward looking and rest assured your alternative narrative will eventually come out as a winner and will ensure you are able to create a new order which is all encompassing and more inclusiveAs any society should be- which presents equal opportunities to everyone irrespective of who they are to live a dignified life! A simple way to start at your own individual level would be cut the cord with everyone around who thrives on division and hate and tries to sell you the idea of one section of the society being better then the other by virtue or how much money they have or by virtue of their lineage or faith and belief systems! This, one small step will ensure sooner or later we have more able minds and warm hearts that are keen to build societies which are more inclusive and futuristic where “duty of care” is at the center of everything that we ever plan to build and develop!

I will leave you here, with these thoughts, take a step today and do what you can do with what you have and do it well!

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