Look East for Sunrise!

As we head to wind up another week through the month and the year, I thought this would be a good short piece to wind up with for this week! How often have you come across people who are in an endless rut of nagging, complaining, arguing and bitching about everything, something , everyone or at least someone at some or the other time or rarely all the time! Well this piece aims to look into what’s happening around this; so that the next time you come across it- you know exactly what you are dealing with!

As modern lifestyles have evolved-across the world (and it really doesn’t matter whether you are a resident of a remote town in the hinterland of the USA or you are a resident of a buzzing metro in an Asian country or native of a small quaint town tucked away in some serene mountain range or a beach somewhere on this planet- It really doesn’t matter!) and if you have been touched by modern day values systems and the seemingly innocent E-onslaught to information (don’t read information as Knowledge), then welcome to the party! You are either someone who is at the receiving end of the senseless rut and nagging around you or you are one of them who are contributing towards it!

If you have ever got an opportunity to look around you and observe what people talk/ discuss – either when they have planned meetings or those on-the-move meetings through corridors and across aisles or pathways on streets- What is that people are talking to each other about? What is that they are spending more time thinking or rather communicating about? What is the level of relevance of that chatter to who they are, what they do and how much can they really influence the topic what they are busy chatting way to glory without a structure follow-up response and will anyone really care for the response eventually and will anything really change?! So what’s happening here- Why are people throwing away precious seconds of their limited supply of time by participating in things and act that do not merit the kind of value and attention?! Well read on…

People are almost always trapped into what I call is the“Trap of Illusion” these traps are hard to detect, yet once detected easy to avoid and stay away from! Regardless of everything else, people spend away precious moments of their available time deliberating and discussing things in the most non-productive manner and in a way that more then often leads to nothingness in terms of effecting any desired change for which the discussion is started in the first place!

You would have seen how people speak about that “colleague” being not productive enough or what that person should be doing- not doing etc. etc., or how a government is simply ineffective, or how NASA or President Trump should be doing ABC and not doing PQR..so on and so forth- Well the problem here is not about the topics that are being discussed rather it is about Where they are being discussed and with Whom and Why! when none of is it is going to make a difference for the subjects of that discussion as the forum by itself is unwarranted and holds no merit!

The golden rule of life is “Look East for Sunrise!” It is imperative that when we all have a limited supply of time with each one of us in terms of he fleeting seconds that we have- it will be only wise to use them as genuinely and judiciously as possible so that we create an impact and effect lives of people around us in a meaningful manner so that it creates an environment of meaningful impact which alters lives and surroundings in a positive manner that helps endure value for a longer time as much as possible! This simple and original truth when applied across all that we do not only empowers us to transform our lives from within but also the lives of every person that we come across – because then we are always having uplifting and future centric discussions and thoughts that are seeking answers to create and build something better and bigger for the times ahead- which by creating lasting value!

It is but essential that we understand the importance of subtle truths and facts of life- these are what go on to make the foundations for how we project ourselves and in effect how that projection goes on to create something more meaningful and of grater value to everyone around us! If we want to build something, create anything of consequence then we must shun everything else and ensure that we are facing east so that we can soak in the sunrise that’s over the horizon and this alone can be your guiding light for the journey ahead! It’s time we begin to value our sunrises, because even the number of sunrises that you will experience in your lifetime are coded deep within who you are- and it’s your behavior and approach alone that makes this journey last a bit longer by creating value or makes it shorter and swifter which ends even before you realize what hit you!

As you plan to hit the weekend, take a pause and think around all that you have discussing and engaging with in the week that just went by and decide for yourself – If you are indeed facing East or spending time fighting the shadows to no end!

Until next time, have a blessed weekend, stay wise and look East!