Disconnect and stay connected!

Not that I am turning out to be an old monument or a war memorial in the making- but the other day when the idea of this topic was shared by a friend, couldn’t resist writing a few lines! This topic has been playing on my mind for a while now- this piece is about really understanding how we get drawn and pulled into the senseless and at times the idiotic world of being Online for kind of forever and ever- and the greatest irony- well to know How being online (in a trance mode) is harming you, you need to come online to learn how to stay away from it!

Before the young audiences start assuming and logging off- well there was a time not so long ago- when letters were written ( not only as part of school letter writing assignments), fixed line phone calls were made only when the message was of grave importance (more often then not it would communicate about somebody’s death or someone getting married or someone coming anew into the human race!). This was a time (which I also referred to in an earlier article) where a two hour train journey could help you find friends for life- who in turn would mean more then your family- there was a time when you had groups and groups of acquaintances and friends (real people- not those spooky virtual ones!) who were available on a call and yet there was space- so much space for yourself to know really Who U are and what is that U have set to achieve! So what changed- How did we come to this point – A point where, we believe everything that is said online over the digital world and we doubt real people and then regret for it!

Well, the answer simply lies within us, because we are humans and this is the way we are wired! Get back to the good old times of Kingdoms, clans, tribes and simple one level societal structures- what do you see happening here- well the only way to get popular support was either through brute strength – physical or demonstration of brilliant thinking by being a thought leader among the people who could impact a positive and visible change on the lives of people (read- building of civilizations and large empires). All this was possible because of the intrinsic people connect– even in those times undertaking journeys of thousand miles or more just to propagate an idea (in-person) and garner acceptance and approval!

With the advent of modern times, still all was not lost- greatest of inventions, scientific discoveries, breakthroughs in modern human lives all of them have occurred only by collaboration and people-to-people connect. Whether it is the first manned mission to the moon, fighting wars, creating path breaking medicines, setting up great marvels of engineering through factories and machines- you think of it and you will see that at the foundation of all great things that humanity has ever achieved – it always has the underlying essence of Human-to-human personal connect- in flesh and blood!

In the last 20 odd years or so, with the menace of the digital age (thanks to the collaborative research done by people talking and working with each other!) as a society, we have developed a false sense of acceptance, social presence- through real life isolation and created space for being in pseudo-control- of everything around us by being online! All these are ramifications of the online-digital menace that coerces you too like that post, share content (which rarely makes sense) and post those tons and tons of personal snaps and videos which do nothing but add up to the pile of E-Garbage and different laws make it mandatory to have more and more servers added up just to store this pile of electronic data and garbage – so that it stays available!– I mean who really cares when you have loaded that snap- people who know you “know you” and those who don’t, really don’t care what happiness or grief you ate going through at the time when you do what you do! Even as your neighbor does not know who you really are! and at times even shocking your own family members on the go! things have just seemed to go from one stage of unmanageable mess to another!

As opportunities to lead real humans- through participating in society groups diminishes for one or the other reasons, people tend to explore the more convenient space of this digital arena to create pseudo follower-ship which gives a real life high by tracking virtual developments!– No wonder this has also lead to manifestation of new age – digital linked medical and mental health conditions! Can you even remotely recall any King who went into a depression because the audience did not clap hard enough after his speech? but I am sure you would have heard about that person who went into a depression because the posts did not gather enough likes! This is what running after hallucinations and mirage does to your mind and health- so what if the mirage is created in an online space!

More importantly, this is something not only makes us poor at real social connections, but also sabotages the quality of relationships that we have within our own house, family and friends; often you will see four friends on a table each one into their own screens, families at a dinner table- each one updating their own online status! Well, when you should be really looking into the eyes and mind of the person next to you and contributing to their life’s betterment and sharing stories that make sense- all that we end up doing is taking some stupid snaps and uploading them where it really matters to none!

So what’s next from here now- Well not that I am advocating for you to do something- you are wise enough to decode what has been shared here! The secret lies in striking a balance– the answer lies in the fact that we use every speck of technology in the way it is meant to be used (not abused) and meant to make it more empowering so that it creates impacts at all levels which are benefiting and uplifting human mind to pursue and create something collectively more wonderful and meaningful! Any piece of technology that isolates or alienates humans is nothing but a piece of epic shit which should be junked away immediately! Next time you want to dance- hit the dance floor, not an app, next time you want to say something to an audience- walk onto a stage- not a vlog, next time you want to share a great picture- be sure it uplifts, motivates or inspires someone- if it does- then upload it! These are the simple nuances that will go a long way in building your well being mentally and as a society will see more of amicable discussions and real life connections!

It’s not that, being online or the digital arena is the demon; the demon lies in the way we abuse it rather then use it to our advantage and make technology our slave rather then allowing it to be the other way around!

I leave you here with these thoughts for now, have a great day ahead and yes, Disconnect and stay Connected- with fellow humans and wise people around you- it’s time for you to start discussing the next big idea that will make human societies a shade brighter and better!

Ciao for now! Will be back soon with another piece!