The demons in our head.

Well, what should I say, else! Going by the headlines of any newspaper or any news channel at this moment, across the world, for the first time in many years, we are all connected in the name of humanity, concern or is it that we are connected because of the fear that we have within– Fear,not because of what’s happening around, but rather because of the demons that we tend to keep feeding on, on an ongoing basis day in and day out! So what’s really that we are afraid of and what is that we fear? Is it the fear itself which blinds our wisdom or is it the demons within that cause it to bloom within! Well, let’s have a look and then as always you decide what it is!

Well, writing from India, has in itself a set of advantages, well it’s always been and will always remain to be a colorful nation (which I am immensely proud of- before you start to think how patriotic I am!), but the past few months have been proved to be a bit too much- so much that even the odd challenges that seem to come up with failing markets, economy, law and order, political alignments and misalignment all of this together has gone beyond a point of protest and fast turning into a hot bed for viral jokes, memes and what not! Well, someone did say- very aptly though, that “Humor is the best medicine”!It is in times of utmost despair and hopelessness that great works of art and creativity have flourished and hope someone right now is punching away letters that will create a Nobel Award winning book or an Oscar winning film in the years ahead!

Well coming back to our topic, the recent episode around the poor Coronovirus (who now has to be labelled as the bad entity!) led me to think about quite a few things- again by observing how people behave funnily! We have these odd stares from perfect strangers, just because you sneezed, or cleared your throat! That fast and short brisk walk in the Sun and that sweat on your forehead- which now grabs attention like never before- and people who would otherwise never care for you asking, “If you are ok?” That never ending mad rush for tissue rolls and sanitisers as if they were the proverbial elixir of eternal life! All said and done, trust me on one thing, I may not be a doctor, but let me tell you, Viruses really don’t care for all this melodrama that humanity is playing out for now! When you are a Virus – it’s plain simple- with no brains and no cognition to target prey and with no conceptual mind of grief and joy (as a Virus) it does only one thing that it is capable of thriving in favorable conditions (read death to the host) and self-destructing itself when conditions turn adverse (read human victory!) So what is tat drives so much of fear within us – fearing a huge person with a gun pointed at you makes perfect sense, but what is going around here, when humanity seems to turn paranoid against something that cant even be seen and when it’s cousins (the normal influenza virus) keeps visiting us every now and then! What is the secret behind this fear psychosis?

Well, the answer is simple, We fear that the most on which we have the least control or fear that which is the least understood by us! Note down this plain simple fact and to that add the marvel of human brain, it’s intrinsic ingenuity to keep on throwing you on the edge every time you hear a throat being cleared or someone sneezing (now that your brain has been fed with an input which tells your brain, sneeze or cough = death by Coronovairus); well even if you never had a passport and don’t even know where China is and have never met anyone beyond your by lane of the home where you stay- you still will be petrified!

This hardwired mechanism of our brain, surely helped human beings survive bigger and more fatal episodes of epidemics (before the advent of modern medicine) and certainly helped our species survive and emerge ahead, but when we start paying heed to every false alarm that we end up creating because of the stupid messages that social media keeps on throwing up by the dozen, what we are ending up doing is – throwing away the sensitivity of our brain haywire and the consequences of which in the future will be certainly fatal! For now if we keep on blaring out false alarms- the next time, if there is a more severe form of a viral attack; an already tired brain will simply ask you to politely f**k off and say; well mate you made it last time, I don’t listen to you now! and well this disregard then runs a real risk to give you an early one way ticket to the angel of your choice! So how do we move around this?

Well, the answer is simple, stay wise and stay rational. Let your brain do what it is supposed to do, that is be alert and vigilant; but not allowing it to turn you into a visible paranoid, lest you start displaying symptoms of OCD (obsessive Compulsive Disorder)! Feedback mechanism to your brain is equally important and that needs to be developed and encouraged by performing actions or memory frame which helps reinforce the belief system within your brain that, “What you are doing, wherever you are, you are safe, irrespective of the danger and risk around!” Remember this if you start to feed the demons in your mind, you will eventually turn to be their food, on the contrary might as well start feeding the angels of wisdom and you will do a big favor not only unto yourself but to those around you as well!

Well, this is something that I wanted to share with you, quick and shirt for today, I should be back with another piece pretty soon, until then stay wise, don’t get killed by virtue of your dumbness and yes, keep talking to and feed your angels and shun away the demons in your head!

Ciao for now, have that coffee and keep your throat warm! Trust me Viruses don’t like it warm! Bye for now and folks take care!