Make it count!

Whether it is your silence or your words or your action, make each of them count and market themselves well! This is the way to connect in the times we live in! Join me as we explore this interesting aspect and learn how this matters not only to help you connect well externally but how each of these facets goes a long way in creating a better version of yourself! So here we go!

Marketeers have been smart, nothing to take away that credit from them, they have been successful for the more than 70 years now creating labels for humanity!– Sure enough the labels started with an intent to know what drives human behavior and humans interact and engage with each other in the rapidly evolving industrialized world- needless to say- marketeers used this lever to go ahead and forge permanent labels across societies based on various attributes of the demography to entrap, convince or if noting else worked, confuse and sell products and services to “consumers” and that saw the dawn of a consumer centric society and birth of consumerism- well no one is complaining! There have been gains and losses like with anything else and round about now, even this aspect of consumerism is almost coming a full circle of karma- As your input quality degrades- the output will suffer! Plain and simple- philosophical stuff which has stood the test of time through eternity! The important aspect to learn around this chaos is the essence of “communication” and the power of the communicated message through words, music and visuals! If you were to ever catch up with a veteran of the golden age of the communication industry- they will go all day long speaking about the depth of research, new understanding that they came across as to how people used or abused a service or products- how that led to either further development or withdrawal of the product or service- how they altered the words- calibrated the words- and intertwined it with some catchy music and peppy visuals- all with a single focus that – the content and the message has to stick and lead to action- read- business! There is perhaps nothing more powerful than this (except the pleading and begging that goes around with the God that you believe- especially to uplift your life- as it keeps hitting rock bottom or keeps heading into areas where you never intended to be!).

Next, is the essence of silence, whether it was the horrendous atrocities committed by the colonial rulers across the world on the native population or the theaters of the World Wars I and II, history is replete the world over with examples where, deafening silence of the majority has caused more harm than the vocal resistance by a few- which has always brokered relief from torment- albeit for shorter duration’s- infrequently until the equilibrium shifted to the majority being vocal and a revolution taking hold to overthrow a fascist regime! Well all religions have preached in their way about, “Silence being Golden”, well it certainly is, for the time that you are contextual sitting around angels, visiting heaven or whatever place of your religious bliss is and you are next to GOD , if none of these scenarios are being played out in your life, trust me your silence or the silence by the group or the society that you represent will come back haunting with and equally magnified force and that time the noise created by that disruption will be been more deafening than the silence that you hold now! Choose a page from history of your choice and see how the genesis of revolutions, changes in society and challenges to society have occurred the world over- these all have been instances which started with deep silence, reflection, agitation, restlessness, anger and eventual outburst! The point that I want to make is simple, don’t have to wait to take this long painful route all the time and certainly not for an office setting! If calibrated words and measured phrases do wonders on a copy or a one minute ad film or a radio jungle, trust me releasing your silence and making your voice heard and count, in an equally measured manner will be more emphatic and effective then your silence!

Once you have learnt the nuances of silence and the power of communication, you need to embrace the holy grail of action! This is very tricky and it gets lot more complicated as your responsibilities rise! As long as the action impacts and effects you alone- doesn’t matter- no one really cares- hence even when you kept skidding and falling as you learnt to walk- your parent knew you won’t kill yourself and if you are reading right now, well you have survived and mastered the art to execute the act of walking and running- it’s a different story that you would have fallen later, broken bones and also had implants with a vision to become a dummy cyborg! But If you lead a team or a big corporation, (you know the shit that I am talking about)- the stock prices will rise and fall every time you take a kerchief to wipe your brow during an AGM or you come out sweating from a board meeting and the media gets a hint about it! At times when you have to take that leap of faith and you just do it and sometime hit the jackpot and at times miss it- well you know how Newton’s third law then paid you a visit! Either ways you become a historic figure- for the right or the wrong reasons- but the choice of your Action and Inaction makes it count in equal measure and that is power and essence of calibrated or reckless action! So what is with the silence, communication and the action bit you may ask me! Well here we go!

Make it count! I read this in a famous book, about starting each day with a credit balance of the number of seconds that are there in your day and now if you were a banker or a business person or anybody for that matter and told that these 86,400 seconds for the day are actually worth 86,400 USD how would you spend it? Now once you know each of your second is worth it’s weight in USD or how about calibrating it to 1 mg of Gold-24 Carat gold- just see the difference that comes about in the way that you begin to deal with yourself to begin with and with that magic will happen! Once you become wise enough to make it count- Make every second of your day count- every action/inaction, word, message, communication and silence to work and count for you- others and everyone around will have no other choice bit to comply and fall inline to replicate and imbibe the same because if this is not done things will simply not work – neither for them nor for you- as long as you stay firm on the principle to make it count!

In the time when we are bombarded with information (not knowledge) most of which is unverified, the constant social compulsion to express pour views, comment, bitch and talk- irrespective of the fact that reckless banter doesn’t make even a microscopic impact anywhere on the societal framework, it is but only wise to make your existence count and make it worthy enough of the time spent in whatever you choose to do! There is a difference between creating, developing and sharing an opinion and being dismissive, or displaying prejudice; there is a difference between being strong and vocal and being able to connect through the words with the audience in mind; there is a difference between being an action freak going about doing your work like a wreaking ball and being an organised and visionary builder of the future- To live, relish and know these nuances- you need to start at the very beginning by making it count- by making your 86,400 seconds of each day count and that alone is the key to excel and create a better version of yourself each day- not for the world but for yourself!

I leave your here with these thoughts, grab that coffee and start timing your seconds, I have used up some of them already- hope you invest them back wisely!

Ciao for now, will catch up soon with another piece! Stay Blessed and Stay Wise!

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