All about Experience, Knowledge & Intelligence!

This is the story of these three invaluable elements, Knowledge, Experience and Intelligence, how they help and harm to shape our lives and end up making who we are to the moment that we are breathing in! There is nothing right and wrong about them, by themselves; but once understood, these very elements can empower you from within so you know for sure which of these elements you want to use more or less , often or occasionally to ensure you keep moving down the chosen path with minimal disruption! So here we go!

Knowledge is the foundation- something that has been there and will be there. If you ask me what is good and not so good about Knowledge- well- Knowledge is what it is- it’s indifferent- human lives get altered or impacted with the way in which Knowledge is used and applied- this is the domain of every shifting human intelligence!Intelligence is what makes Knowledge come alive- Intelligence is what helps us to get Knowledge in action! The only real challenge with Intelligence is that unlike Knowledge, Intelligence can be driven to meet and achieve a specific purpose- a driven agenda and this is the fundamental space where things start to either get created and built or they start to crumble and disintegrate!

Every crisis that humanity has witnessed- whether it was wars , natural disasters, economic melt downs, social unrest’s etc. or every development that humanity has ever collectively witnessed- having humans on the moon, in the space, creating marvels of technology and enhancing quality of human life- through modern technology and scientific developments- all of these have one thing in the common the role of human Intelligence- at times- the brilliance of an individuals mind and many other times- a result of collective intelligence- working in teams, partnerships, communities, governments– Either ways there is no doubt that all our blessings and curses that we live by are but a byproduct of the Human Intelligence- I call this as the byproduct- because the real product of these modern societal frameworks more often than not ends up being human greed and selfish propaganda which begins at an individual level and at times dangerously manifests into state or national policy attributes with disastrous results!

This “double-edged sword” like attribute of intelligence makes it very uncomfortable to others, especially when the other person that you are engaging with either has less of it or has more than enough of it! Hence you will find- normally that a group of content individuals – friends- colleagues etc will always be a collection of intelligence which averages out to their level of comforts, you add one eccentrically dumb or brilliant person to that group and within no time you will have mini groups formed or a complete new restructuring or disbanding of the group! So what makes Intelligence so much in-the-face and uncomfortable? Well here’s the thing- unlike Knowledge which cannot be challenged, Intelligence- which is to do “something” with the “knowledge” can always be questioned and debated on the approach taken and who is taking it and the “why” of these two aspects! Add to this the layer of human insecurity- which comes because of either been thrown among more intelligent people or having to deal day-in and out with astonishingly dumb people around- less intelligent- the whole approach of dealing with knowledge and putting it to effective use to create something meaningful for humanity takes a whole new dimension and that is what the real essence of live’s struggle is! It is about dealing with differential levels of intelligence to ensure the available knowledge is harnessed effectively to serve the greater good of humanity, however the elements of greed and societal confirmation takeover & override intelligence which is the reason why we end up seeing our societies and individuals within and around us the way they are! Think about it!

Speaking about Experience, well it is certainly a subset of Knowledge but at the same time is limited by the availability or unavailability of individual and collective intelligence! You will find “Experience” as the buzz word among office corridors; “we have an experienced senior management”, “we have a rich experience to address consumer problems”, engineers, doctors, scientists, teacher’s manager’s everyone that you would have heard of or spoken to will always tell you stories about how rich the “experience” is!- Wherever they work or study! Well sorry to disappoint you, but the fact is “Experience is perhaps the biggest fallacy of our times!” The problem with experience is that it is based on a contextual setting of a time or event which has already occurred and possibly noted and documented- then the situation or event would have been dealt with in a particular manner- but as times change – our responses need to and better change! Consider this, say you develop symptoms of fever- how would have your doctor approached you say- 25 years back and now? Got the difference- well that’s what the long and short of experience is! When Experience is not weighed against the future and not checked for streaks of brilliance or competence which will stay strong in the times ahead, rest assured you will end up having white elephants within your organisation, who would have had a glorious past, a miserable present and a fast arriving disastrous future! When it comes to decoding and understanding our present and future- experience is no guarantee of success- never by itself! So what is the way ahead with Knowledge, Experience and Intelligence with regards to the times that we live in!

If you ask me, this is what I think (not necessary you may also think the same way- as I say- each one can carve out his own heaven or hell as they may please!); The secret for being in-step and possibly being a fraction ahead of the times that we live about – lies in the space of ensuring that Knowledge is continually harnessed by applying intelligence to the new discoveries made and found; one needs to tweak and correct their “experiences” and have them updated and refined! This process is the key and is a dynamic one which goes on continually and is the trump card to ensure that we are able to harness and optimize the power of Knowledge , Intelligence and Experience on an ongoing basis!

Experience is not about repeating the same tasks/over and over again through the months and years- it is about getting smarter and accurate with repetitive tasks and being able to create differentiation/innovative solutions for addressing recurring challenges and subsequently moving ahead to embrace new challenges- This can be achieved only when Intelligence is applied to Knowledge by adapting the contextual settings on an ongoing basis! This is the space where magic happens and a dynamic equilibrium is reached between Knowledge- Experience- Intelligence to serve the greater good!

I will leave you here, do reflect your encounters with intelligence- knowledge and experience! You will be able to appreciate the depth of experience, agility of your intelligence and the vastness of your knowledge!Once you know this, you can trim the flight of your ambitions for the journey ahead!

Ciao for now, will be back soon with another article!

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