When miracles happen.

Sure enough, this is not a fairy-tale essay, irrespective how much I would want that to be, the fact is that even as we go around the lives that we have chosen to have, we have miracles happening around us all the time, what is needed of is, just that moment- one small moment to pause, acknowledged and be grateful for the miracle that you witnessed and then keep moving! Join me here, as I take you through the miracles that we can find around in the times that we live in and why we should all be grateful and practise the pause as we witness them unfold!

Unlike the fairy tales that we read as toddlers or youngsters, we now know that life is very different and all of that seems to be a glorified piece of unworthy literary shit, well for some that may be their truth, but for a larger majority the truth of the miracles of life can come in a hundred colors and way to manifest itself and when it does- that changes the whole evaluation of people’s life and the way the tread on their life paths from the next moment on!

Simply put, just as no two lives are ever the same and each life lives the contextual truth that they perceive themselves and the world around to be, miracles too take in the form that is aligned to an individuals approach, belief or rather should I say, disbelief that they hold within themselves- about them, the people around and the world in general! It is from this fundamental setting that everything starts to emerge and many a time a miracle of today, becomes a routine of tomorrow and down the years that routine is but a normal standard that plays a role in not an individuals life- but ends up being the way of life for the society in general and this is perhaps the life cycle of miracle- a miracle about the miracle itself! So what is a miracle then?

What a miracle is, perhaps more than me, that smart little kid on the block will tell you, and the reason why kids are able to articulate well about magic, miracles, fairies and their fantasy world is because of their power of articulation and belief that they hold within and as these toddlers grow up and as their beliefs alter and fantasies change- every time that they hit the zone of their dreams or aspirations- the word they continue to use is- “It’s been a miracle indeed I did it!” If you ask me, I am sure psychologists and Psychiatrist are trained professionals so they will have their models and narratives around the concept- but as an observer of humanity for me- majority of us would end up defining a miracle as an instance when the deepest and the most vibrant of your aspirations or desires came true- whether that’s about having a large burger with free fires or owning that business jet or wining that election- it’s about that desire- that unflinching desire that has never changed or altered and has weathered every storm that your life has been through to wait for the right moment to come forth and express itself- that is the moment when miracle happens and that my friend is the story of how a miracle comes to life to alter the life that beholds it deep within! So can miracles be created- kind of made to order?

The answer is a yes and a no! Yes, if the story about the miracle that you are contemplating about has to do with that defining aspiration that you have and No if it’s about that never ending superficial greed disguised as goal, desire or perhaps even as aspiration! So how do we go about it? Well when you are pursuing your soul’s greatest aspiration you will be in state of bliss- sounds like a paradox, sure it is- but you will have a sense of calm and bliss for, your journey will be rhythmic, long and staggered around with amazing ports of call en route that enrich your journey as much as the destination of your aspiration, so that once you reach your destination- that realization of your aspirations explodes as a miracle- a great achievement, at times, stellar and rarely also puts you on a world stage for you perhaps end up achieving what no human has ever before and the strength of a miracle of that kind comes from the quality, depth and belief that one has in the aspirations that one has held on to despite and in spite of everything and anything!

When aspirations aren’t deep enough or strong enough, needless to say their realization too manifests like a routine blob on a radar screen like the many other achievements around and the ability and power to make ones’ achievement assumes miraculous proportions only comes from within through unleashing and aligning the power of your soul to that one aspiration you have within which has the power to serve many and create an impact that lasts longer than perhaps you would! That is the hallmark of a great idea/thought/aspiration and once that is steadied, it’s manifestation is the miracle that the world gets to see and depending on the quality and potency of the miracle societies rejoice or the world unites!

I will leave you here with these thoughts, yes this was a deliberate short blog, reflect, seek your one defining aspiration and allow that to manifest as a miracle that society remembers and rejoices along with you!

Ciao for now, will be back soon with another one! Until then create the magic and touch the souls!