Deciphering Ambition.

All around us,we are surrounded and at times drowned in the overwhelming presence of people and their stories of success; stories where ambitions have born fruit, but what is it, that makes these people touch their horizon even as, for every one person who is able to live their ambition there are hundreds or even thousands who never live their ambition in their entire life times! Join me here, as we explore and unravel this seemingly eternal facet of human society and try to make sense of that slight difference between who make it and who don’t!

To begin with the whole drama around ambition begins right form our childhood! The whole fodder for ambition starts to be fed to us right from childhood- fairy tales, bed times stories- some of them are actually deceptive enough to seed in the concept of being ambitious and of the need of having to do something so that you are famous and people know you- these are perhaps the first seeds that are sown that try to tell you that if you are not someone who is reached out to by members of the society and if you are not seen as someone slightly at a higher notch than the masses around- you are lackadaisical and virtually have no hope for the future!

From here as the journey continues we are constantly bombarded by examples galore of scientists, innovators, social reformers, fearless people who led wars, people who brought about revolution in areas of science and technology, some to benefit humanity and few to benefit the capitalist leads of the societies- so you see every moment that you have lived and have been able to breathe- you have been constantly either told to calibrate yourself against some “ambitious people” who have achieved what they set out for, or you end up setting yourself up for this crazy game- with no one ever asking you to do that! This is like just deciding to start walking on your hands because no one else does it! So what’s the point is being ambitious or having an ambition not good? Well I never said that, the point that we miss and which hurts the most eventually to every person who has been ambitious irrespective whether they achieved or not what they have set out for is the fact that all the contextual settings are more important than the ambition itself and that is the essence why for every one successful and ambitious person you see around- there are hundreds or thousands hidden away and lost forever within the confines and dark alleys of society! So what’s the path to be taken- how do we know?, if we are ambitious enough to achieve what we set out for but don’t end up pushing ourselves into difficult corners and odd spaces? Read on!

Anatomically all humans, are more or less equal and capable- with those other variations that you get by virtue of the races that we have! The brain that all of us have- is also the pretty much the same- clinically and otherwise- it has a great design of operational simplicity- you put magic in- you get magic out- you put garbage in- you get garbage out! This is where everything start to take shape! Eminent authors have written books around this space- you see as we grow, our every curious mind is programmed naturally to strive for what makes our life easy and that answer about what is an easy life- means different things to different people depending on who you are, where you are and what is the social framework within which you are! This is the fundamental area from where irrespective how competent your brain is and how wise your ways are, unless all these contributing factors do not come together and align to your aspirations- read ambitions- nothing ever bears fruit! Let me explain!

Consider this, you are born in a business family and you already have inherited a fortune of a few million dollars, now there are two ways of looking at it, be grateful join a religious service and share all that you can and have and enjoy the time on the planet or start to understand that natural burning fire within you- which each day- keeps whispering yo you that few millions do not count- you need to aim for the billions! The motive for this could be intrinsic, through intellect and acquired education or it also could be by the sheer pressure to compete and win- irrespective of anything- well either ways it serves the purpose to have the individual to be put on a trajectory of achieving their aspiration- read ambition! There could be again multiple contributing factors around this story, family, social demography, type of business opportunities, competence, so on and so forth and every variable that is altered in the equation will make that journey to achieve the first billion that much easier or challenging depending on the fact whether that works for you or against you! So this sounds pretty straight and simple, that’s how it should be, isn’t it, so where’s the paradox?

Well the paradox lies in the space which goes un-noticed for that you will have to make an effort to reach out to different pockets of societies to see for yourself real people who had the similar idea or perhaps even a better one but could not empower themselves for that idea to come to life, simply because they did not have the spring board of the few millions that were needed to begin with! This is the paradox of ambition and perhaps people who really want to reach out to their aspirations and be known as ambitions- should read these living lessons within their immediate societies for this is the real paradox of ambition! So what’s the whole point?

The point is simple, ambitions, ability to achieve them and lives ones’ aspirations are not merely a factor of an individual, it never is, rather it is almost and always a cumulative impact of multiple contributing factors that align with your idea at the right time, only because you were at the right place! The best teacher for ambition is not your run down MBA class, it’s the master class of failures and un-lived dreams which are strewn across societies that you can feel and read each passing day which help you to be grateful for what you have and empower you to work and strive towards actions which ensure that the gratefulness never ceases and you continue to progress on the chosen path by learning and unlearning on an ongoing basis!

To realise your ambition, one has to and needs to do away with the archaic thought that being ambitious is about being intelligent, wise , proactive and bringing about your unique value to the table- sure it is all of these things but importantly it is also about knowing what didn’t make the cut and why, it is also about knowing what you have around you (people and resources) that will ensure that your ambitions live to see the light of the day and not whimper away at the first problem! being ambitious, is not a one off life style or an attitudinal disposition! As we go about navigating our intensely creative ad dynamic lives, needless to say only people who wear ambition as a fashion statement survive- because that is what is relevant and what is relevant will ensure you stay relevant and that is what being ambitious is perhaps all about- about being relevant in the Now and in the coming tomorrow by planing and applying strategic thought ahead for that, moment to moment! So as a rule junk that idea of ambition being a static and one off thing to be thought about or applied and embrace this way of wearing it up your sleeve each day to see how that makes a difference for you and how a different you responds to create an ever more enterprising future for yourself and for others around unlocking your ambitions the way it is meant to be!

In the modern context, ambitions are all about creative expression which serve a larger cause and for that to occur there has to concurrence of collaborative efforts of people and resources! Needless to say individual intrinsic attributes go a long way to determine the depth and length of those ambitions- how far they will impact and how long they will, but unless as an individual you don’t arrive at the tight place, even though the time is right nothing may ever manifest! That is the true essence of ambition, being ambitious and being able to live your ambition- collaboration, persistence, perseverance, timing and being rooted at all times!

I will leave you with these thoughts here, urging you to take your time and explore your ambitions and see what is the ammunition you have alongside you, to ensure that you are able to breathe life into them!

Ciao for now, will be back soon with another article, until then stay wise, and keep moving!